it’s 5:30pm and i want to eat my own weight in garlic bread




tumblr home of weak ass anime nerds

Excuse me, we handle otp feels, notp hate, character deaths, and a shit  ton of other stuff. We are not “weak ass anime nerds”.




Telling me, a trans male, that you dated has no physical chemistry with you made me kind of :/ especially when you can’t explain to me what physical chemistry is :// and then proceeding to tell me, still trans male, you felt AWKWARD hooking up with me :/ and then outing me to your twitter and friends as if I gave you the consent to make the tweet :/// sad

FYI that girl was friends with my ex boyfriend and when I tried to speak about how my ex sexually assaulted me in my sleep during our relationship shortly after he and I broke up, she reblogged my posts to tell everyone that I was lying about my assault because I was just being vindictive and bitter that he broke up with me and proceeded to tell me that I “consented but just didn’t remember and that’s not illegal.”

I’ve been telling people that she’s trash! For months! So here’s more proof that she’s absolute trash!

tbh if you didnt romance morrigan in the first dragon age game you fucked up

Psycosis - Solid Snake
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Daily Show correspondent Michael Che tries to find a safe place to report from.

look at this 14 year old picture of me in an upside down magnet frame

look at this 14 year old picture of me in an upside down magnet frame

i’m going to save up all my disposable income for early 2015 if possible because between monster hunter 4 ultimate and getting a ps4 for bloodborne i’m going to take a huge ass hit to my savings zzzz

wtf the new one piece chapter usopp is so cool